Laptop having issues to wake up from sleep and power button power menu (Kernel 5.15.34 LTS) (upstream BUG)


I’ve have an issue that the Power button and wake up the computer from sleep in Kernel 5.15.33 and 5.15.34.
I’ve wish to report this bug to the people since it works great on 5.15.32, so it seems to be a kernel issue.

Any suggestions what data they might need?
I’ve checked but have no clue what subsystem is causing the sleep issue and the power button not being able to bring up the “power menu”.
I will downgrade the LTS version back to 5.15.32 so I can make use of it again.

EDIT: I downgrade to 5.15.32 and it works but breaks on 5.15.33 as previously reported. 5.15.31 works fine as well.

A bisection will determine the commit that broke things - this is the most useful thing you can provide them.

It will take some time to recompile the kernel multiple times, but if you’re serious about reporting the issue it’s the very best way to provide useful information.

(Also check whether there’s a report already - there’s no need to duplicate effort, instead you can spend the time replicating or confirming the issue.)

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You’re right! Seems to be the same issue this fellow user have

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Sorry for Necrobumping my old thread.

I would like to report the issue been fixed in a couple of kernel updates ago!

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