Laptop battery issues

Hello everyone, I got two laptop running KDE plasma and of course Endeavour OS system, I can’t fault it I really enjoyed it!
But… I realize something on both laptop! Every time while I am working on the battery not plug in around the 40% mark left the laptop battery just Drop to critical 5%? This is happening on both of my laptop…
First question is I would like to know what is the problem?
Second question is does Linux as like a battery manager (But if I dont mistakes KDE does have one already no?)

Thanks a lot!

Normally that would indicate a broken battery cell, or you are using something like TLP to limit the charging thresholds and the battery firmware has got confused.

You could try calibrating the batteries to see if that helps (charge to 100%, discharge completely until it powers off, charge to 100% plus a few hours), as well as checking for a BIOS update.

I do use a rule that say charge the battery till 80 and do not charge it until it goes down to 60%? Stupid question how do I update my BIOS on linux? I normally used the package fwupd

OK - so it’s worth fully charging the battery a few times to see if it resolves itself. My X230 does the same thing, but it takes a few charge cycles to 100% to prompt the battery into finding the correct current maximum.

If fwupd has a BIOS update then that’s a good option. Depending on what Lenovo provide then the getelorito script will convert the bootable updater image for use on a USB stick.


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