Language prediction model created by AI - chance or a threat?

Not a totally new subject but recent improvements in artificial text generation are remarkable, see a new press release to GPT-3 developed by OpenAI and now owned by M$.

On one hand it might allow a huge improvement in generating high class search results and on a long term could even allow mass maintenance services for many products, on the other hand it could be used for intelligent spam, fraud and fake news and - last but not least for us - help vampire attacks of non-seen extend (if not already ongoing).

So, what do you think:

Language prediction models created by AI are rather
  • a chance
  • a threat

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Some users appear to be AI generated already - so the bar is not so high to enter the ‘uncanny valley’…


I think…

  1. Don’t need any “better” search results that all current engines can give
  2. Certainly don’t need that:



Btw what is NaN% votes ?
Why doesn’t it show the percentage ?

It seems that the freak show has begun already:


The few people who grew suspicious of Porr’s fake blog were downvoted by other members in the community.

That’s the best part…Sounds like a lot of current humanity news-cycle, ain’t it? :rofl:

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Who knows if they were real… :space_invader:


New turn, a neural network called DALL·E is able to create images from text captions! This means even an area where human creativity seemed to be essential has been entered:

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