LAN Indicator On while sleep mode


I’m new with EOS, I use Thinkpad x131e ci3 with gnome edition. But sometimes LAN Indicator ON while my laptop on Sleep Mode (Orange light). is it normal?


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I am?

I would bet i am forced now to say:
welcome here at the purple fun @yermias :enos:

And … i have no clue about your plan indicator… could be Bios settings that prevent lan from going off on sleep…

We use power-profiles-daemon shipped per default but using its default settings… it is well integrated into gnome but mostly simply offers power modes…

Aside from this we do not set up anything special related to sleep mode.

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I would expect to be green and On all the time. Are you sure it only happens sometimes?
The Network is one of the possible triggers that can wake your PC out of sleep, so it is usually On, even when the PC is fully shut down, unless your HW has some nice/special feature. :person_shrugging:

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Of course, through famous official EnOS backdoor :sweat_smile:

Can you show me ?

could get the joke wrong :scream:
It`s only running gag about the HotFix implementation where we can fix things on installer without the need to rebuild the ISO.
It is doing this when starting the installer fetching updates for config file directly from the net.
But it is all public nothing hidden :wink:



Well i guess my hardware just to old then, doesn’t bother me anyway. other than that EnOS work perfectly fine on my 10 yrs laptop, it’s smooth, fast and clean.
anyway thx guys for the info :innocent:

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