Laggy External Monitor

Hello, I got an issue after an update in which only the second monitor is laggy, the main monitor runs normally.

The solution I got for it, was downgrading Nvidia from 530 to 525 version, and that worked until recently that it stopped working ( It didn’t recognize the second monitor anymore ), so for now downgrading Nvidia doesn’t works for me anymore.

Is there anything that I may provide, let me know.

Seems like this is a similar issue; just updated today you could try and take a look at what they did:

Hello, thanks for the reply.

Today I updated the kernel to 6.3.3 and tested with both 525 and 530 but neither of them worked.

For the solution I found is that I downgraded Nvidia to 525 and also the kernel to 6.2.13-arch1-1 version ( sudo downgrade linux linux-headers linux-api-headers ) and that worked for the time being. Note: For linux-api-headers to the version before 6.1.9

You may need to be careful. I was getting nVidia 525.89 offered. I had to explicitly pick 515.116 from the package listing and that seemed to make the linux 6.3.3 kernel happy. My nVidia installation is set to use DKMS, in case that factors in.