Kwin settings reverting

Hello, I am currently using KDE with KWin as the window manager. For some reason, whenever I change a setting for KWin’s zoom effect-the change resets when I click ok rather then saving. I tried changing zoom in/out (meta++/- wasn’t working with some programs) and the move left/right/up/down options and NONE of them stick-they all just revert to default.
If anyone has a solution, please let me know (am trying to change them because I suspect meta++ is blocked by some games and I use zoom for small text within said games).
Thanks in advance

It is working fine here.

What method are using to try to change it?

system settings → desktop effects → configure (next to zoom) → clicking on the option then custom then the box/pressing the keys I want then pressing ok

Try system settings->workspace->shortcuts and then search for zoom.

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That fixed it, now I just gotta figure out how to get ctrl+alt+mousewheel to work for zooming in/out and get zoom working with games and I am golden :slight_smile: thanks

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