Ksuperkey and FDM failed to autostart

I using Endeavour OS with KDE and linux-zen and linux kernel.I added ksuperkey and FDM to Autostart in KDE but it not working.
I need add QT_SCREEN_SCALE_FACTORS=DP1=1.0 for FDM to startup because I use scale 125%
Despite of Crow Translate and Telegram working?
Some pic for my configs:

and logs:

Pictures are not welcome, when you post text, as we cannot select/copy contents, in order to use it. Please, don’t. :slightly_frowning_face:

You cannot use = in the executable (first word of the commandline) .
Instead, for passing environment parameters, use env ENVVARNAME=value <original command>.

Exec=env QT_SCREEN_SCALE_FACTORS=DP1=1.0 <fdm_command_line>

KDE already has basic capabilities for the original reason ksuperkey was developed (use Super for Main Menu). Are you sure you need it?

Anyway, it seems those .desktop files are custom/manually created. Are you sure StartupNotify=true is required?
Doesn’t the dev provide a .desktop file to start it? (/usr/share/applications/)
Have you checked upstream for similar bug reports, or asked the dev?

Lastly, you should remove any lines outside Desktop sections in .desktop files. They produce error messages IIUC your images (:angry: ).

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Thanks you for your advice. I’m very preciate your advice. I will post text. I will try your solution. Thanks you so much and sorry about my bad.

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I recommend changing it to 100% and just increasing the font size.

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