Krunner search keyboard shortcut not working?

While i was looking for way to do “task switcher” setting, i realized (don’t know since when) Krunner search shortcut no longer work.
My Krunner search shortcut is “alt+spacebar”. It is no longer working.
Is that shortcut for “Krunner search” that used to appear on top of screen when i press “alt+spacebar” ? pls refer to the photo.

Works on mine!

Don’t know why… it just not working. the krunner search bar just does not appears on top of screen.
Ya… that’s what i said : it is buggy… hiccup often.
Made me not want to update. I can only suspect when update the system, something changes.

Ha! CRAZY! it is working now!! What the heck!.. gonna go crazy. :persevere:
I am very sure i will face the same issue again in future… since it is not solved.
Gonna erase this thread. What a … system.

I don’t think it’s buggy. My honest opinion is that you are making so many changes and doing so many things that something is getting messed up all the time. It should work and if you start typing on the open desktop it should also come up automatically. If it is open you can also hold down the super key and drag it anywhere on the desktop.


I didn’t do anything to it ! Oh boy, why can’t you guys believe me. i was asking a lot of thing, but i didn’t do them all, i just try to understand them and write them down into my own note so that i can use them in future. Just because i asked so much random stuff does not mean i execute them all. even though i execute them, : a lot of command that i tried in terminal won’t do changes to setting… thing like fdisk -l and etc… they just shows output… not make changes…
so i don’t agree with you that i made a lot of changes.

I don’t get you this above…
what do you meant by start typing on the “open desktop” ?
and what do you meant by "if it is open you can hold down the super key and drag it ?

Sorry, maybe I’m wrong but this is the perception i have gotten because of the number of issues you seem to be having. I just want to help you if i can. If you have nothing open on the desktop and you start typing such as firefox. Krunner search box automatically opens as soon as you start typing. Once it is open you can hold down the super key(Windows key) and drag the open krunner box anywhere on the desktop by putting your cursor on it and hold down the left mouse button and drag it anywhere.

Edit: Alt+Spacebar also works for me.

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No worry regarding that. missunderstand always happen, i have gotten used to it. Thank you for you willingness to help and friendliness. i appreciate it very much.
:smiley: I just realized when desktop is “empty” i type anything it will auto open krunner and do search … i just realized. thanks.
I tried to hold the meta key and mouse left button , yes, i can drag the krunner anywhere on desktop…but what’s the point ? as long as i pressed “alt+spacebar” it will appears from the original place again… it won’t remember the position that i put it there. I don’t know what you try to do with meta key and drag krunner around.

I guess it’s just an option in case you want to drag it out of the way? Not sure.

Edit: Anyway the Alt+Spacebar or the Alt+Shift+F2 works

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Does it work when you’re on en keyboard layout?
I know because some shortcuts doesn’t work on some of secondary layouts

Nope, the location of it is just fine with me. Since it just work i can’t say anything any more.
Just pls delete this thread as it is no use to keep. Thx

I didn’t switch keyboard layout whole the time it happen or even before nor after. I use us keyboard layout almost whole time.

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Closed at the request of the OP.