Krita, Segmentation fault

I get a segmentation fault, core dump message when I try to run ‘Krita’ using terminal. When I click the program Icon nothing happens. I’m using Deepin desktop. Any idea’s help, suggestions would be appreciated. Thnx.

Rich :wink:

system is up to date?
are you using krita from extra/krita or AUR aur/krita-git aur/krita-beta ?
pacman -Qs krita will show

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Krita 4.3.0-1 is all that terminal shows when I type in pacman -Qs krita.

Could you please give a terminal command


and copy the exact output here.

richardc@AM3 ~]$ krita
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

Do you have many AUR packages installed?

  pacman -Qm

I’ve got google-earth, photofilmstrip, lightzone, timeshift, zoom installed from AUR.

rich :wink:

And reinstalling krita will not help?

sudo pacman -S krita

Some of those might cause problems. I suggest removing them one by one and every time reinstall krita and see what happens.

And make sure your system is fully up to date:

yay -Syyu

Looks like it’s Deepin’s fault.

I have the same issue on EOS Deepin.

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I uninstalled Krita assuming it was from the ‘extra’ repository and installed Krita-git from Aur. After a two hour compilation it was installed. . . . I ran the program. . . . segmentation fault. . . . Oh well. . . .I guess it probably is a ‘Deepin’ OS problem. Maybe it will get fixed sooner or later. It was a good try.

Rich :wink: Thnx for all the help I appreciate it.

that’s version from repository…

so using qt5ct and configure environment to use it may solve the issue