Kopia is Out of Date in AUR

Just reporting, in case someone knows how to contact who maintains the repos.
I found a package out of date. I know it is not EOS issue.

:: Searching AUR for updates...
 -> Flagged Out Of Date AUR Packages:  kopia
 there is nothing to do

I have kopia-bin installed which is 0.12.1-1. So, no problem here.

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It’s already been flagged, that is the procedure for alerting a package maintainer that it’s out of date.


And anyone can do it directly. No need to report here.

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This warning message means “Someone has notified the maintainer that the package is out of date by flagging it”

Also, that is in AUR, not the repos.


I am on the “non bin” (0.11.3-1), I assume it is supposed to be a bit more stable.
I don’t mind installing the bin for kopia or any other if it is stab;e enough.

Unfortunately it has been a few days.
Let’s wait and see.

I do not have an account with Arch.
So, if it is a;ready reported/flagged as @Stagger_Lee and @dalto mentioned so it is reported already.
I did not know that this message means the maintainer has been notified.

Sorry, my bad.

There is no basis for this assumption.

The suffix -bin simply means it was compiled by someone else and it is distributed as a binary executable. There is no simple correlation to “stability” whatever that word means in this context.

You should mark @Stagger_Lee’s post as the solution.


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