Kontact not downloading google contacts

Kontact used to show my google contacts. Not sure when it stopped working, but the address book is now empty. Any suggestions on how to fix it? I’ve removed the address book and readded it and it lists it, but again it empty.
Thanks in advance

nevermind, seems to be a know bug that is being worked on

It could be because Google has removed Contacts from Gmail and made it a separate service. That would mean that Kontact would have to change some code.

It’s not a bug, Goolag does not allow it.

The wrong solution is marked here (not to mention it’s a self-solve).

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True, it’s an API change on Google’s side. I said it was a bug because it’s being tracked in KDE’s bug tracker and being worked on. The reason, I marked it as solved is because after posting I realized there really isn’t anything this community can help with.

Then mark @wordler 's post as the solution, not your own. :wink:

Could this error be due to the same reason that Chrome does not display stored passwords on KDE?

Good point

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Don’t know. For this issue google is deprecating the contacts API in favor of the people API, which from reading a couple of issues in KDE’s bug tracker is more difficult to implement. I would not be surprised if there is a similar API change affecting passwords as well.

Probably not.

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