Know a good working standalone whatsapp client for Arch?

I’ve been using whatsapp-nativefier, whatsdesk, kwety-whatsapp and wrapup, but apparently they don’t work anymore.
Kesty-whatsapp is the only one that still works, althoug it doesn’t show in systray and requires me to take a photo of the qrcode on the scren each time it launches, which is annoying.

Anyone here knows a good whatsapp client that works?

Hmm … no, the only one I use on my pc is WhatsApp-Web

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hmm it works but i get no try icon. i deleted the whatsapp-nativefier directory from .conf and now it works again too, but still no tray icon. The tray icon disappeared about 2 weeks ago and never came back.

Hey, you may give “Franz” a try. It’s like breaking a fly on the wheel, but it works.

yay franz

I think some XFCE update broke the tray functionality, because I noticed I have problems with other apps too, but otherwise I have gone back to using whatsapp-for-linux, and so far it’s ok.
Franz was too heavy for me, I’ve tried it a year ago, and in the end it became unresponsive, even with a 2-core/4-thread machine. Also I needed whatsapp’s functionality to work as close to the official app as possible.

I just use whatsapp web when I have to use it on my laptop. I can’t imagine any app being easier

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Yeah it doesn’t work like that. My customers are using whatsapp.

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Fire your customers? :crazy_face:

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Whatsapp is rubbish owned by Facebook. It’s about as trustworthy as my old dog left alone in a pantry full of sausages.

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Whatsapp is default in my country. Also I have a customer who explained to me how in his business he never argues with his customers` choice of communication medium, and has a policy to always engage them in the same medium the customer has started the interaction (because that’s where the customer felt most comfortable).
He expects me to follow his rule and boy is it painful to have whatsapp conversations for everything concerning the project, like resource sharing, feedback, and everything. Not to mention he occasionally comes back with a question like: I know you’ve showed me once how I do x, but cannot find it please remind it to me :slight_smile:
I feel like i have a five year old as a customer, but he knows best of course.
Oh well, we all gotta live:)


Have you tried Web Whatsapp instead of installing a client?

I use WhatsApp Nativefier, however it is just a wrapper around the WhatsApp web app. It works like a charm, and I like the benefit of having Whatsapp to be its own standalone process away from my browser stuff. Give it a try.

To install it, use yay -S whatsapp-nativefier .

Edit: I didn’t notice you already were using that but had issues. Maybe try deleting everything and reinstalling. It is working for me right now without any issues. Leaving the comment up in case someone search for it in the future.


Chromium has some extentions and make it more native