Klipper configuration question

Actually I am using QCopy configured like this


Now I am testing Wayland and CopyQ core dumps.

Therefore I switched to Klipper. I did not find a way to configure Klipper.

Question: Is it possible to configure Klipper like CopyQ so that I can

  • paste mouse selections with the keyboard
  • paste clipboard with the mouse


In the tool bar right click on Klipper button it will give you 2 options, the first to clear history, second to configure clipboard. Select second option and see what you want to configure.

If you click the Klipper button, you will get a list of all copied texts.
Click the one you want to paste and deal with it normally whether CTL+v or right click then paste as usual.
I hope this helps.

The main problem was when right clicking Klipper I saw the list of copied items but no options. I was expecting some kind of menu.

Now when looking closer I see that stuff at the buttom. Configure is possible but it lacks the possibility I had with CopyQ.

In my case it is the normal click - left click (right handed) that gives me the list of copied texts.
Maybe try the left click on the Klipper button.

I can’t tell. But for me Klipper is OK for my use case.

No matter if right-clicking or left-clicking I get this


Thus is strange for me!
Something in your system configuration or setup?
I’d better leave this to the experts.