KEYMAP etc/vconsole.conf Dell laptop

Hello, I found a little bug for my setup.

Keymap setting is wrong.

  1. Fresh Cassini install dracut+systemd-boot options on my dell inspirion 7510+.

  2. Calamares done with keyboard type set as “dell inspirion/latitude” model and submodel “windows keys”

  3. Language selected is it_IT of course my keyboard layout match it.

After installed system I found wrong symbol key mapped like / to - and other, but not all symbols is mismatched.

Only you can see this bug if you switch to a tty outside x11.

etc/vconsole.conf KEYMAP value found on this is itZ

So I drlete Z and leave it, for fixing correct mapping when you are on tty 2-6

No idea about special keys function but not realky needwd on few tty logins.

Greetings :sweat_smile:

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hey thanks for report.
To get into this could you gave some details on exactly what you have chosen on install time (inside installer) ?
So I can go try reproducing.

it should set /etc/vconsole.conf to:
there is no such itZ the values are taken from this map:

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i see you do mean it2 instead of it that’s a known issue since a long time incases the detection is choosing it2 also it is a very uncommon keymap…

i remember that there was a report about this already…

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Ho yes, sorry for my mistake about itZ, lol I’m half blind :sweat_smile:
So I understand this is old bug for keymapping feature just not related to EndeavourOs.
Thanks so much and so sorry for trigger you abouy minor bug… :v::heartpulse::pray:

may not created by EndeavourOS but we can solve this issue … or try to
May its easy like what Adrian once say about … simple remove it2 from the map…
let’s see what @dalto thinks about this issue.

Well, anyway I try to read about some keyboard configuration to understand more how X11 and console tty handle keymappings…useful readings for me today is:

My Dell Inspirion 7510+ keymap configuration is:

$ localectl status
System Locale: LANG=it_IT.UTF-8
VC Keymap: it *<# this after manual editing vconsole.conf, previous is found as it2 according to available map files shown by * localectl list-keymaps|grep it
X11 Layout: it

  X11 Variant: winkeys

And this for X:

$ setxkbmap -query
rules:      evdev
model:      pc104
layout:     it
variant:    winkeys

I see no “Dell model” keyboard setup of any kind and I go to find next some Dell-keyb-related stuff into my /usr/share/X11/xkb/geometry/ I found file named “dell” so I look into this file but nothing looking for specific Inspirion brand model. This file look “universal” and a little bit old, generic.

Is not a big issue, because on X window all Fn+F1 to 8 and Up/Dn keys is correct mapped, I think for automatic remapping by X server stuff, but not much clear how for me, anyway is much to read and understand if we go to deep :smiley:

Also I try to see dumpkeys with some flags but it only load when you go to tty and in terminal emulator print error “Couldn’t get a file descriptor referring to the console.”

Now really don’t know if it is absolute need to setting proper keyboard model when we are under Calamares setup…
Maybe some kind of kernel module detection (I think to laptop modules) trigger X window server to override keymap table for itself and not for system wide config,because above old or standard (like “pc104”) models is set.
So maybe X remaps special keys according to some other setting rules (I think evdev).
Of course stuff like brightness adjusting (Fn+F6/F7 on my laptop) don’t make anything when I’m under one fo tty2-6.

Big stuff to learn for me how keymap really work on Linux…
Anyway no real issue but better is to know how work! lol :slight_smile:

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