Keychron keyboard not recognized for a minute after boot

When booting up the system, it takes around a minute for the keyboard to start working, and I can replicate the issue by unplugging the keyboard and plugging it back in. I’ve also figured out that it doesn’t matter which USB slot I use, it will still take about a minute for the keyboard to start working. However, When using another older keyboard it doesn’t have any issue and will start working right as it’s plugged in, so it seems like it’s just the Keychron keyboard. The keyboard also works in the grub boot menu without any delay. I have some kernal logs from when I replicated the issue saved that I can upload somewhere if necessary. I don’t remember exactly when the issue started, but it been a couple of weeks. I would have made a post sooner, but it really a minor inconvenience at worst.
Other than that, I’ve really enjoyed the distro so far, and I’ve learned quite a bit about Linux and the command line over the past year of using EOS.