Keychords Issue

New guy here, hello all of you.

I was trying out the KeyChords feature to hack a quick keyboard layout switcher but so far to no avail.

Does anyone have an idea what could be the issue?

I did not change anything else in the config files except importing the KeyChords lib.

The commented binds work fine.

Also [mod] + “m” are not assigned anywhere else.

from libqtile.lazy import lazy
from libqtile.config import Key, KeyChord
keys = [

# Keyboard Layout Switch
#Key([mod], "u", lazy.spawn("setxkbmap -layout us")),
#Key([mod], "g", lazy.spawn("setxkbmap -layout de")),
KeyChord([mod], "m", [
            Key([], "d", lazy.spawn("setxkbmap -layout de")),
            Key([], "u", lazy.spawn("setxkbmap -layout us"))