Keyboard's brightness toggle doesn't work in bspwm edition

The f6 and f7 toggle for brightness doesn’t work in bspwm edition. Also, the sound controller goes lowest to 37 and straight to zero. I need something like 5 and 10%

If talk about screen brightness up/down ?

have you tried brightnessctl ( need install )
you can read the manual here

Arch wiki is good start point to find fix

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if brightnessctl work in terminal , you need change sxhkdrc.

this post give you idea how " Bspwm edition - #558 by Shjim "

Do they work in any other DE?
If you have only tried bspwm, then you have to configure this in sxhkdrc and/or polybar config files.
This is not an auto-configured function for every possible system (HW-SW).

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Owing to the way WM work, its not possible to provide configuration for every possible hardware. Often you need to tinker around and find the utility that works best for you.

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thanks. the brightnessctl do work and i would give that a shot

they work on desktop environment but not on window manager

Nice statement, although I have no idea what exactly you mean.
A HW button produces a signal. That signal is supposed to be read from a system component and the system forwards it to whatever application requests it.
If it works, it works. You have to find out how.
If you need help, provide info (relevant parts of bspwm, sxhkd and polybar config files and post what exactly you have tried.