Keyboard/Mouse input in SDDM causes it to go into a black screen

Hello so currently I am trying to resolve my girlfriends issue with SDDM, she booted up her laptop and tried to login but providing any input to the computer causes it’s screen to go black for a couple of seconds, then it recovers, but again - inputting anything causes the same thing.
Now, I thought that maybe a package “libinput-config” that she’s installed while trying to resolve issues with an external USB mouse not working could be the cause, so my first thought was to uninstall it, but she cannot get into TTY. Pressing CTRL+ALT+F1 etc. does not load TTY, it just causes the same black screen issue.
What can we do?
I guided her on how to change kernel boot parameters and add " 3" into the “linux vmlinuz” line to boot into text mode but when pressing “E” in GRUB, that specific line that you are supposed to modify is missing (or maybe she is doing something wrong, can’t check as I am not there).
Here’s an image of what she sees after pressing E:

Is there any way to fix this besides using a live EOS usb stick? I am currently far from home and she does not have a live linux usb, and she also has no way to create one.

I just realised that she is using Systemd-Boot and not grub… That’s a very stupid mistake on my part, I guess I am too tired.

Okay - the issue is caused by “libinput-config” package that you can find in the AUR.
She booted into TTY, removed the package, and the system boots properly now!

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