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I finally switched from Manjaro i3 to EndeavourOS i3.
On Manjaro i3, I used to use a keyboard layout English US with a variant named: “Western European AltGr dead keys”.

But during the install of endeavourOS i3wm, the only English US keyboard layout variant I could select was International AltGr with dead keys.

It was fine for a while but I use some key in different languages and now due to this new layout I have to learn them by heart. For example on a “Western European AltGr dead keys” variant I could just do altgr + “a” or “u” or “o” to get “ä” or “ü” or “ö” which was easy to remember when you want to write in german.
Now those keyboard shortcuts for the same letters are not so intuitive.

Does anyone know how to get back that “Western European AltGr dead keys” variant?
I’d rather be on that one all of the time. I’m not looking for switching keyboard layouts or variants.

I tried to change the file sudo vim /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/00-keyboard.conf

And modify the line:

Option "XkbVariant" "altgr-intl"


Option "XkbVariant" "altgr-weur"

But it’s not working.
I think the code is right, but I’m not sure I have that variant in my system.
Maybe it’s missing on the system? how would I install it?

any ideas?

I don’t know but maybe this helps?

thank you, this is nice. I can already use all the characters I want with the English US layout with the international variant with AltGr dead keys.
So all is fine in that area.
The issue is more of convinience.
It’s much easier for me to remember to use altgr + o to get “ö” when I use the English US layout with western european variant with AltGr dead keys than use altgr + p to get the same “ö” with the Enligsh US layout with international variant with AltGr dead keys.

when installing EndeavourOS I wasn’t given the choice to select English US layout with Western European Variant with AltGr dead keys. But I did find in the selection English US layout with international variant with AltGr dead keys. Which got me closer to my goal.
And I though, it’s fine for now, but later I’ll look into switching to the variant name Western European with AltGr dead keys which is available in the install process of Manjaro i3.


Looks like you have to install it :

thank you. I’ve installed the package xkb-altgr-weur and modified the 00-keyboard.conf file but it’s not working.
Am I missing something?

have you read this page?

You’re not supposed to edit the file, using localectl is the good practice, see here :

oright, there is some progress. I followed the instructions from @vazicebon and then the link from @GjMan78 on how to make the variant available in the system.

Now at login - lightdm - I can manually select the variant altgr-weur and it’s available past the login. But I have to do it manually. It’s not the default for lightdm and past lightdm.

In the instructions it says I have to select the variant with gnome.
I’m on i3WM so no gnome.

As you said I stopped modifying the file 00-keyboard.conf and used localectl instead.
I rebooted but still not set as default.

Try look this

Just add exec "setxkbmap eu" to your ~/.config/i3/config file.

This sets your keymap to EurKEY at startup which is an US layout with the additional functions that you want.

ok I have a solution now, thanks to you all.
It now works past lightdm and as default.

To sum-up:
I followed the instructions provided by @GjMan78’s link.
here’s the link again: AltGR-WEur on Linux

which made the keyboard layout us, variant altgr-weur available to choose at lightdm login screen.
It was available but I had to manually select it at lightdm login screen each time.

then to make it the default automatically so not to have to select the variant at lightdm each time,
I followed the instructions, again provided by @GjMan78 at this arch wiki link:

From that wiki, I tried to add this line to my ~/.Xmodmap file

-layout us -variant altgr-weur

logout out and checked if it worked. But unfortunately it didn’t. I guess I missed something.

So instead I created a file ~/.Xkbmap with the same line.
logout and checked again and it worked. The variant is the default now.

At least that’s one way to do it :smiling_face_with_tear:

Again, thank you all for your help.

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You might be able to add exec "setxkbmap -layout us -variant altgr-weur" to ~/.config/i3/config in case you don’t want to create another file.

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