Keybind CTRL+5 Not Working in Wine

When using a wine application and press CTRL+5 it does not do anything. I have no issue with any other keybinds. It works just fine with native applications and proton. I have checked with xdotool and nothing seems to be grabbing the input. I also checked keyboard->application shortcuts in XFCE.

I bet it’s game dependent, for example:

Search for Ctrl+5

Ctrl+5 is a shortcut in fcitx for Reload configuration in Global Config (check Advance Option)

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Yup, definitely an fcitx shortcut! I’ve been stuck with this for a while…

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But hey, that’s why it’s great to have forum! :partying_face:

To me it took 1 ddg search without knowing problem, and remembering that you were asking sometimes early about asian input problems :upside_down_face:


I guess I searched with ddg and the wrong fields. :rofl:

I decided to install ffxiv under wine instead of proton to have Japanese input. Quite awkward to communicate with Japanese players without it.

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