Kernel won't update past 5.10.8


I have just got out my wife’s laptop, as she doesn’t use it very often. to update it. However it only updated to kernel 5.10.8 and if I try to refresh pacman it tells me there are no new updates. I know this to be incorrect as the current kernel is 5.11.xx and the LTS is now 5.10.xx not 5.4.xx

Is there a way to get everything current that I am missing?


Have you refreshed the mirrors? Just use the button on the Welcome app for this, it most certainly will get you on course again.


Funnily enough, I tried refreshing the mirrors, but it wouldn’t have it. Then I did just open the welcome app, tried from there and it worked. I am now updating again to the new kernels and packages.

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile: