Kernel Update via Pacman breaks systemd boot

I updated to the latest linux-lts
However, after restart the linux-lts entry is not shown in the boot loader menu.

After some digging, it seems as if the path for the linux kernel and initrd is wrong.
There is an additional “/efi/” string in front of the proper path

Boot Loader Entries:
$BOOT: /efi (/dev/disk/by-partuuid/05315300-ad5e-7249-8ccd-eb661690d380)
token: endeavouros

Default Boot Loader Entry:
type: Boot Loader Specification Type #1 (.conf)
title: EndeavourOS (6.1.21-1.1-lts)
id: 40ae50b429e140fba01894374d98f581-6.1.21-1.1-lts.conf
source: /efi//loader/entries/40ae50b429e140fba01894374d98f581-6.1.21-1.1-lts.conf
sort-key: endeavouros-6.1.21-1.1-lts
version: 6.1.21-1.1-lts
machine-id: 40ae50b429e140fba01894374d98f581
linux: /efi//efi/40ae50b429e140fba01894374d98f581/6.1.21-1.1-lts/linux (Datei oder Verzeichnis nicht gefunden)
initrd: /efi//efi/40ae50b429e140fba01894374d98f581/6.1.21-1.1-lts/initrd (Datei oder Verzeichnis nicht gefunden)
options: nvme_load=YES rw rootflags=subvol=/@ root=UUID=5e212f11-8ec7-41d8-ad05-8a690c20ca15 systemd.machine_id=4>

WARNING: default boot entry is broken

I can fix it manually, but the next update will break it again. I checked on a second machine and it’s the same situation.

Here is the corresponding loader/entry conf
title EndeavourOS
version 6.1.21-1.1-lts
machine-id 40ae50b429e140fba01894374d98f581
sort-key endeavouros-6.1.21-1.1-lts
options nvme_load=YES rw rootflags=subvol=/@ root=UUID=5e212f11-8ec7-41d8-ad05-8a690c20ca15 systemd.machine_id=40ae5>

linux /efi/40ae50b429e140fba01894374d98f581/6.1.21-1.1-lts/linux
initrd /efi/40ae50b429e140fba01894374d98f581/6.1.21-1.1-lts/initrd

“linux” and “initrd” should point to the path without "/efi/, afaik.

What does pacman -Qi systemd show?

Thanks for the hint - was using ALHP repo. It works with standard arch.
So nothing to do with EndeavourOS.
Please close the thread.