Kernel update causes grub to hang at UEFI logo

In order to restore your Grub, chroot into your system and do as described in the following post:


Okay, that did it. I must have removed grub-customizer after hearing about all of the nasty things it does (I ONLY use grub because of its Btrfs snapshot support compared to systemd-boot) and not removed it fully (only used sudo pacman -R grub-customizer and not -Rs). I know Arch is supposed to be the user’s system’s to screw up, but shouldn’t that grub-customizer package be removed from the arch repo if there’s that many problems with it!?

Honestly most of the issues I have seen with Grub Customizer have been user related.
Oftentimes, they remove the package, not realizing that the changes done to the “grub environment” are still there and need to be reversed.

Grub Customizer does actually backup the /etc/grub.d before modifying any files and provides instructions on how to restore Grub from the backup.

See for example:


Fair enough. I guess that’s why Arch has those packages, although the developers should probably give a first-run warning to users (such as those on Ubuntu, for example) on what the tool can do and how to reverse its changes.

Thank you for all of your help!

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Should be

although the Archlinux developers should probably give a first-run warning to users


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