Kernel panic on boot

This is a follow up to the subject posted way back in 2019. One of the replies was
from who wrote [manuel], who wrote:

"In fact we have a working solution in EOS. Package grub-tools includes a program that fixes grub and os-prober. After running the fixer, grub generation works as it should.

And I guess the same fixer can fix grub in debian based systems as well!"

I have searched both the EOS GitHub site and the Arch and AUR repositories without success. So, obviously I m doing something wrong, which wouldn’t surprise me.

My question is. Where do I find this package grub-tools?

It is in the eos repo. If you have eos installed you can access it.

[ricklinux@eos-kde ~]$ pacman -Ss grub-tools
endeavouros/grub-tools 1.6.6-1 [installed]
    Fixes, additions and enhancements to grub and os-prober.
[ricklinux@eos-kde ~]$ 

Some more info with:

pacman -Si grub-tools

And to go even further, this is the command to do:

sudo pacman -Syu grub-tools

Note that it updates other packages as well.