Kernel (6.0.3-1-EOS-ARM) panic in Parallels Desktop 18.0.3

I suppose it’s after a Kernel Upgrade to 6.0.3-1-EOS-ARM …
Any chance to boot the VM again?

This is not a solution but a question.
We don’t install the linux-eos-arm from the script. That kernel is meant to be used only on pinebook-pro hardware for now.

Did you switch the kernel from the default for some reason??
The kernel in your case should be linux-aarch64

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I am (erm… was) running EOS on a VM in Parallels (Apple M1 hardware)…

Yes, the script you used needs a kernel preinstalled that comes from here.
This installs arch linux arm.
Then you add eos-arm from our script. We don’t add our kernel in this installation method. I don’t know how it got there.

Think wire cross.

EoS-arm kernel still on 6.0.1 ( that for pinebook pro like @sradjoker say )

If you have kernel panic that Linux-aarch64 kernel or kernel that built for M1.

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I suppose an upgrade switched me to 6.0.3-1, no “manual” steps put me here,
any chance to go back?

I don’t understand how this could happen. I’m running on the Pi 400 and no issues. It’s running the Rpi kernel. :thinking:

its a different kernel, possibly from the base project or alarm