Kernel 5.9.x and AMDGPU problem

I’m generally booting using the following as I want support for Vulkan.
radeon.si_support=0 amdgpu.si_support=1

Since the update to kernel 5.9.x, the system stucks at

Starting version 247.1-4

If I disable amdgpu support, then it boots fine. But because I want Vulkan, I’m booting into lts with kernel 5.4.83-1 for the time being.

Is it a known issue with the latest kernel version? What will happen with the new 5.10 lts?

P.S.: I’m using an AMD 7770 1GB (Southern Islands) gpu.

Have you set module parameters in the kernel command line or in modprobe.d?

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I don’t know if it answers your question, but I put the above parameters into grub. To temporarily change those, I hit E in the corresponding option into the grub menu on boot (I have a separate disk with Windows too).

I checked the modprobe.d folder and inside there are amdgpu.conf and radeon.conf. Opening the AMD one it says

options amdgpu si_support=1

Shouldn’t it be

options amdgpu.si_support=1


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Also have a look at this:

  • Specify the correct module order (I added MODULES=(amdgpu radeon) as it was empty)
  • Set module parameters in kernel command line (done)
  • Set module parameters in modprobe.d (done)
  • vulkan-radeon and lib32-vulkan-radeon are installed

It still gets stuck on Starting version (kernel 5.9.x).

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dont use vulkan-radeon use amdvlk ?? and the lib 32 version

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I could give that a try. But I’d like to find out what the problem is in the current 5.9.x kernel. Up until 5.8.x everything worked fine.

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i understand. suffice it to say i know nothing. i do however make blind pop shots that often pay off but most of the time dont.

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I wonder whether it’s the same root issue as this:

There are some extra patches coming which might resolve the issue. If you want to test those, I’ve included them in a linux-zen build (5.10.1.zen1-1.0 in my repo, under the testing subdirectory, it works for me).


I searched a bit about linux-zen (as I didn’t knew about it) and decided to give it a try (through AKM).
Since yesterday, everything seems to work fine (I had to install r8168-dkms too).

Kernel 5.9.14-zen1-1-zen


I’m using Mint 20 and having the same problem as jimmy213. Also Greek, which is coincidence. He got it working with Kernel 5.9.14-zen1-1-zen, but is there an equivalent for Ubuntu based distros?

Don’t know if this will help, but Rolling Rhino is a rolling version of Ubuntu, and may well have the capability to run a newer kernel. Mine’s on mainline, though (and I’m not on it right now) so I can’t check…

Pretty sure you could have asked that on the Mint forum. :wink:

Thanks jonathon. You think so but I’ve not had much luck on that forum. Also this is the only place I’ve seen anyone talk about this problem.

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