Kernel 5.9 - no sound/mic

I’m using lts (kernel 5.4) all the modules are working well.

However, any time I receive an update on the latest kernel (5.7, 5.8 and now 5.9) I switch to it to test it, but the sound didn’t work. I followed different threads for solving this issue but I didn’t manage to do it.

Now with 5.9 released, I would like to make it work and use it.

Seeing I can not make it work by myself, I would appreciate some kind of a guide to find out:

  • why the sound/mic are working on 5.4
  • why the sound/mic are not working on 5.9
  • what I should do to make sound/mic work on 5.9 (hopefully keeping them working on 5.4, but that’s not a must)

In short on 5.9:

  • builtin speakers and the headphones I insert in the 3.5 jack socket are not detected
  • bluetooth headphones are detected, but only the sound is working, not the mic

logs mr. give me the logs:

seems some hickup on kernel update…
lets see if we get more users with this issue and try to find out the reason…
first thing to try is to reset pulseaudio by removing the config folders:
rm -R ~/.config/pulse
then best to reboot

Removing the config folders didn’t change anything.

Starting to provide the asked info and logs:

$ wget && sh -> output

$ journalctl -b -0 -> output

$ cat /var/log/Calamares.log -> output

$ lspci -> output

it is related to some alsa updates:

[2020-10-18T11:54:00+0200] [ALPM] upgraded alsa-firmware (1.2.1-2 -> 1.2.4-1)
[2020-10-18T11:54:00+0200] [ALPM] upgraded alsa-topology-conf (1.2.3-1 -> 1.2.4-1)
[2020-10-18T11:54:01+0200] [ALPM] upgraded alsa-ucm-conf (1.2.3-2 -> 1.2.4-1)
[2020-10-18T11:54:01+0200] [ALPM] upgraded alsa-lib ( -> 1.2.4-1)
[2020-10-18T11:54:01+0200] [ALPM] upgraded alsa-utils (1.2.3-2 -> 1.2.4-1)

you could downgrade them as a workaround

see this one

may try with
echo “options snd-hda-intel dmic_detect=0” | sudo tee /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-fix.conf

sound is changing in linux59 be very careful on this

Here what happens:

  • builtin speakers audio is working, but the builtin mic is still not detected
  • when I plug headphones into jack, headphones audio and mic are working
  • when I use the bluetooth headset, both bluetooth headset audio and bluetooth headset mic are detected, but:
    • bluetooth headset mic works if the output is:
      • the builtin speaker OR
      • the **bluetooth headset ** with the following config: Headset Head Unit (HSP/HFP) (which has an awful audio quality)
    • bluetooth headset mic does not work when I choose the configuration High Fidelity Playback (A2DP Sink) for bluetooth headset output

In conclusion:

  • jack headphones are the only way to have both audio and mic
  • when I use the bluetooth headset I cannot have both the mic and decent audio quality. If in addition I plug in the jack headphones I can use their mic with bluetooth audio - which sucks.

Have you installed the sof-firmware?

sudo pacman -S sof-firmware

I installed it now and reversed the settings suggested by Stephane.

Now it’s working. Both builtin output and input are detected and working. Also jack headphones. I will update this for bluetooth headphones when I will test them.

So far so good. Thanks @ricklinux.

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You shouldn’t have any problem with it now.

Edit: Well i don’t know about bluetooth and sound on a bluetooth device? But this should rectify the onboard sound stuff.

I had a similar problem with my bluetooth headset after upgrading to linux 5.9:

[ALPM] upgraded linux (5.8.14.arch1-1 -> 5.9.1.arch1-1)
[ALPM] upgraded linux-headers (5.8.14.arch1-1 -> 5.9.1.arch1-1)

I reverted the upgrade and that fixed my problem.

FYI. I also upgraded some alsa packages – and my device is still working, so they are NOT the cause of the problem:

[ALPM] upgraded alsa-firmware (1.2.1-2 -> 1.2.4-1)
[ALPM] upgraded alsa-topology-conf (1.2.3-1 -> 1.2.4-1)
[ALPM] upgraded alsa-ucm-conf (1.2.3-2 -> 1.2.4-1)
[ALPM] upgraded alsa-lib ( -> 1.2.4-1)
[ALPM] upgraded alsa-utils (1.2.3-2 -> 1.2.4-1)

Conclusion: it MUST be something related to linux 5.9 – maybe another package needs to be upgraded to work with 5.9 – let’s see…

Guess it depends on your hardware. Bluetooth audio & audio on the hardware can work on one and not the other.

inxi -Fxxxa --no-host