Kernel 5.12 is not really that bad

Thanks for the tip @ricklinux


Runs great on Zen!
5.13, bring it on!


I said baked. Not torched! :thinking:

Tell it to my oven!

I think the temps need to be calibrated. I got an app for that! :rofl:

Edit: Does your oven run on Windows?

It looks like you used a Flame Thrower on it! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This is where I bake my stuff:



No wonder… the ovens too small! Now you guys get me in trouble for going off Topic! :smirk:

Edit: When you Roast a Kernel you have to stop at the right temperature or it pops! No wonder it won’t boot! :grin:


Now i am on 5.12.5. with an un-roasted kernel! :relieved:

Edit: No known issues on my hardware. :crossed_fingers:

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5.13 to be released:


Where’s the kernel sauce? :butter::salt:

Wow, the 5.13 really pops!

It’s the kernel’s secret recipe that makes things finger lickin’ good! :wink: :rofl:

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Surviving the 5.12 is going to be like a badge of honor. We’re going to be like war heroes and legendary warriors. They’ll write novels about us. Soon, the Linux timeline will change. 5.12 and older will forever be known as BNK and the 5.13 will be changed to 0.01.

I have 5.12 and things are working fine. HP2000NotebookPC.

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Are these specific notebook problems? On my old i5 2500 anyway everything runs smoothly …

Out of 5 systems I play with to various degrees, only one has given me issues with 5.12- a Dell Latitude D630 which would hang on suspend/hibernate on a 5.12 kernel (at least through 5.12.4).

No. Just go thru the help threads here, Reddit and other Arch based forums, it’s like a cascade of problems.

OK, then wouldn’t it be easier to switch to the LTS kernel and sit this one out?


As long as you aren’t on a custom kernel for gaming or mining probably.

though i dont seem to have the issue others have mentioned. :woman_shrugging:

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Man, you’re qualified to answer like 80% of the help threads coming recently! I’ve been saying that a lot!! For whatever reason there’s a lot of folks who don’t know to switch to, or seem to know how to switch to it.

Frankly, I can’t figure out why most people don’t normally use the LTS kernel day to day anyway.