Keeping glibc and lib32-glibc old (templorarily)

Hi guys!

I encountered a problem that I need to keep glibc and lib32-glibc old because game called Squad stopped working after glibc update (EAC just won’t launch). But I wanna keep my system fresh and update every 2 weeks just like I did before glibc update.

How can I update my system to keep it fresh but leave glibc old?

You can’t.

Run pactree -r glibc to see how much of your system depends on glibc.

It’s impossible to hold back glibc an update the rest of the system.


If you really want to play squad still, look into glibc-eac and lib32-glibc-eac via the AUR.

Be warned though, with all packages from the AUR. Removing glibc may break your system, so exercise caution.

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