Keeping cool in a land with no aircon (UK)

Close the windows during the day and open them during the night, a cold bath might also help. Also some towels soaked in water might help cool you down

EDIT : Covering your windows with aluminium/tin foil might also be a good solution to redirect the sunlight to keep your house cool, also, some cheap house fans

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Fun fact… with those weather is not good for dutch ground water :sweat_smile: water goes down and in one day mucj co2 same is all cars druve whole year… and some inches down lolz… i hate those weather also… but i keep calm mostly

@c00ter is pretty set in his ways, but @c00ter knows when it is hot, it is hot.

@c00ter also knows: “You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.” by Bobby D.