Keeping cool in a land with no aircon (UK)

We are due record temperatures for the next two days (low 40 deg C), I know a lot of you live in hot countries and a lot of you in Europe are also suffering at the moment. Any top tips to keep cool?

I ran our tabletop ice maker for most of yesterday and have 2 large bags of ice in the freezer. I might take a deck chair and sit in the frozen/chilled food aisle in the local supermarket, went in today, it was wonderful :rofl:

I’m still getting a cool breeze, as ever. Summer really hasn’t arrived here yet, and I doubt it ever will, this year around, at:

54° 28’ 8.205" N 9° 50’ 18.408" E

Where is that?


The BBC have revised the temperatures slightly, roll on Wednesday!!!

I know, they’re predicting 31 °C here for Wednesday, yet all I keep getting from forecasters lately are hypes and attention-catching headlines…

Living by the sea, where I am all those forecasts usually do not come true.

I live 80 miles (128 km ish) from the coast, Sheffield is 53.3811° N, 1.4701° W, so you are a bit further north than me!! I grew up really close to the coast - miss it a lot.

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You have a very beautiful beach. I miss something like that here at the foot of the Erzgebirge. Maybe that will come to us one day …

You mean, hoping for the sea to come to the Erzgebirge?!
I can testify as being strictly against that one!!!

I can empathize with that!

With the Ostsee from one side and the Nordsee from the other, it’s a bit awkward …

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With the left side of the old safe-harbor being “front-yard” of my home, I am personally most welcome by all who are running their taverns, bars, and brothels (just joking).

Nowadays it is strictly a tourist site anymore, very much “family-enabled”, and wokeness-tuned, where it used to be quite different in the olden days, with age-correspondent habits, such as beheadings, etc.:

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Soak a tea towl in cold water and wrap around the back of your neck

Air conditioning, margarita and the pool, anything that can get you to the ocean. . .

Good luck. I’ve had as hot as 48*C here where I live.

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I also live heatwave prone region of India.

But season had changed here and its raining wildly.

The easy things which we did :

  1. Being hydrated :sparkles:. This is the simplest thing to do in summer.
  2. Using caps and loose dresses.
  3. Avoid immediate use of cold things and A.C. when coming back home from outside. This can cause health issues as body is subjected to rapid temperature change.
  4. Milk shake is also good.
  5. Here, we have lassi, whoch is made from churning the sweet curd. It can be made at home easily. Take curd in container. Add sugar according to taste. Plae it over mixer grinder. Then churn it. Afterwards, enjoy your homemade lassi.:wink:
  6. Here, local people eat spicy foods, in order to increase sweating. But I won’t recommend this as I am sweet kid, who likes to eat sweets.

Others had given the suggestions which are made by their experience, hence are extremely viable.

Keep cool :sunglasses: and enjoy :wink:

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Same lol

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Best I can say is to keep out of direct sunlight, keep a fan near by, and if in a home with no AC you need to setup fans to keep air circulating.

Stay hydrated, keep air moving, and stay safe.

Wear socks (the thicker the better), wet your feet with socks on in water.

I am sure you will feel so cold after some time!

Try and let me know.

If you wear wet socks you will enjoy watching it burn. :joy:

I’m living in the south of the UK, but have lived in a lot hotter/more humid without AC or indeed electricity - so basically, do what you need to do in the cool of the morning, walk/move slower and more gracefully than before, walk in the shade if possible, and a cool damp cloth wiped over your arms/face/neck goes a long way! And lastly, the temps been hot for a week, so your body has already had some time to adapt, so it ain’t as bad as the daily mail makes out, but then again, nothing is as bad as the DM makes out.

There is a how-to for everything :wink:


I would suggest a look at ‘swamp coolers’ for details - not an air conditioner, but a relief anyway!

Think a wet tea towel, being dripped on from an ice water container (with small hole in bottom?) and having a fan blowing through it. Surprisingly effective at producing a temperature drop…