KDE themes missing from "K" apps?

TLDR - Rather than wade through my original post, as I’ve discovered more I’ve added this more general observation:

SUMMARY ISSUE: Out of 3 installations of EOS + wmi3… one (1) PC will let me select “color schemes” within various KDE-based apps (e.g,. kmail, konsole, krita) while the other two (2) PCs will not.

Guess: Perhaps when installing EOS + i3 desktop I did not include KDE on these other 2 desktop PCs, whereas perhaps I did on the 1 that has “color scheme” options other than simply “default” as the only option in the pull-down menu?

If so…

QUESTION: Is it necessary to fully install KDE on top of my 2 existing PC setups - and if so, will this disrupt my i3 settings in any way?

Is it even possible to add KDE to an existing EOS/wmi3 setup without a complete reinstall? :roll_eyes:


I’ve got two mostly identical setups while checking out kmail (vs Thunderbird). These are both EOS/wmi3 setups … a desktop and laptop (both converted Mac hardware).

After successfully importing IMAP mail into each, here’s my issue…

On one installation, a number of KDE color schemes are available under Settings>ColorScheme - the other installation has none. Instead, there’s just a single Default choice… which is awfully bright. (I use a dark theme for most everything.)

I cannot seem to figure out why two installations would differ in this manner. One offers 8-9 choices while the other offers nothing besides default.

I’m guessing this is a KDE installation-related issue (as both are fairly minimal wmi3 setups via EOS) … yet one has alternative schemes and the other doesn’t.

QUESTION: Where are these themes stored and/or what config within kmail do I need to edit to enable use of these themes?

I confirmed that the Mac with the missing color options includes files like these:


… but apparently they aren’t being accessed by kmail? Any possible solutions? Any insights much appreciated!

Yes, should not be problem. I run KDE and i3wm. The only thing is that some of the apps maybe duplicated like i3wm comes with thunar as file manager on eos while kde install will also add dolphin. Ideally i3wm from eos and XFCE are kind of in tune.

You can also have an install with KDE and later install i3wm from scratch (the package on the arch repo) then start changing its config file. This way you can also better integrate things from KDE into your i3wm, like keybinding for dolphin and other apps that come with KDE etc.

In general DE and tiling wm are pretty independent of each other concerning their config files.

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Extremely encouraging. From a practical standpoint, given that I have EOS/i3 already up and running (and heavily configured by me) how does one go about installing KDE on top without messing things up?

All I really want is to be able to access the KDE color themes within KDE-family apps. The apps themselves are already installed. :thinking:

@Zircon34 Well, you certainly gave me the “courage” to go check it out. And EndeavourOS provides great information on its website as to how to layer on another DE … so I gave it a whirl on my least critical PC.

Voila! There are now several choices available under the Color Schemes pulldown within the kmail menu … so a dark one will do just fine. Now I’m off to see if I can extend the choices beyond the few offered. See how quickly one can become spoiled? :wink:

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Glad that things worked out and on top of it you found the relevant infos on the eos website!

Not that unusual these days :+1:

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