KDE Sound defaults to analog instead of digital (HDMI) source after reboot

Well the Yankees are heading back north here in Florida since the humidity is returning. Yea summer heat and roaches. Gotta love it.

Anyway I just installed EOS on this new PC.

it has a Intel Celeron J4125 with UHD 600 Graphics. Install was flawless but after tweaking KDE the only hiccup is the sound source won’t remain on HDMI after reboot since this is hooked up to my Vizio 55" 4K TV.

Thanks for your help Endeavor forum folks.

If the HDMI sink is disconnected when the TV powers off then it will switch to an active sink.

Have you tried ticking the box “Automatically switch all running streams when a new output becomes available” ? That should automatically switch streams over to the HDMI sink when it becomes available.

Also try pavucontrol to set the HDMI output as the default output. This works for me with a USB DAC; when I re-add a previously-disconnected default sink device, audio will switch over to the newly-connected device.


This wouldn’t happen to be a dragonfly would it?


Nope, it’s a Fiio E10. :slight_smile:

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