KDE Roadmap

just stumbled over this one here, written by good old Nate:

Thought, Breeze Evolution would be finished when 5.21 lands… looks like it needs some more time and will be merged step by step.


Plasma is pretty good. One might say great, even.


No word about the most important issue at Plasma: what is the further procedure regarding the license problems with QT (Trolltech). Meanwhile, again only effusive promises, what all great things will come to us. Nate seems to me more like a marketing expert … Sorry for my opinion. I like plasma a lot, but there’s a sword hanging over his head that no one really wants to perceive.

Edit: sorry, edited several times because I didn’t like the translation from DeepL.

Breeze theme is great. But… why not?
I am waiting for Breeze Evolution! :100:

Thanks for sharing!