KDE Pre-Installed Programs Wishlist

My main OS used to be KDE Antergos, until they went out of business. I was also delighted to find out Endeavour is a successor of Antergos. I’d like to see Endeavour OS become more popular, and grow to become one of the top 10 distros in the distrowatch!

I have already installed and running KDE Endeavour on two computers. As a supporter and a contributor, I have a few suggestion for the future KDE platforms. I understand the basic “keeping it simple philosophy ”, how ever you want to give the user a complete set of tools that the he/she can work with, and get started fast out of the box without going through the forum and so forth to figure things out! For example KDE neon comes with a very basic programs and tools that you can easily get started.

My suggestion is to have the following programs preinstalled.
Make “Add/Remove Software” program as a ‘default’ program installer instead of Discover. Keep Discover if you must, but I have no use for it!
It’s important to have a backup on any OS specially a rolling based!
Include Timeshift. Also add VLC, and Mintstick as preinstalled default programs.

I feel you’ll attract more KDE users when you have basis covered, and grow faster, which I’m sure that is the goal!

hello,you are on archlinux then you are big enough to do it yourself after installation

I realize that, so is Majnaro and Arco Lniux, but it makes it a bit easier on a new user without a vast knowledge, as I went to a minor learning curve with this myself! The goal is reach more people faster, isn’t it? These few suggestions doesn’t require hardly any time to implement !

endeavor is not there to replace manjaro “if you are a child stay in your place as a child don’t be too quick to become a man”

Oh well, some people get it, some don’t!

Thanks for suggestions!

  • On pamac (add-remove-software) we do make it clear already, that we do not want to include it per default, it is not working that perfect with archlinux, as it is developed for Manjaro. Special for new users it is not good to think a gui package manager is the default one and only to use, you must learn to use pacman itself to be save on updating archlinux systems, but you are free to install pamac with a simple command on your own risk, we do not recommend and we do not take responsibility for issues.

  • Default preinstalled software the basic install will be basic with a minimum set of software, we do plan to have more options to choose some apps on install or first boot into your installed system, as we do have already:

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// It is also possible to use your own packages set for the netinstall module, as it reads the list from a url, you can change this url before starting calamares installer :wink: //

  • Timeshift is a very good idea, but also some user may do not like it or do not want to use user-based backup solution… so all matter of taste.

Discover is the default package manager for KDE so it doesn’t seem strange to include it.

Timeshift, vlc and mintstick are just your personal preferences. Including them isn’t likely to make EOS grow faster. For every person that likes these packages there will 3 people screaming that it is bloated. People will ask why choose mintstick over imagewriter, why choose vlc over smplayer, etc, etc

There is no perfect set of preinstalled packages that will please everyone.


I have tried to use Timeshift but I have found it very erratic. On my Arch + Openbox system the GUI never appears and I used a command line to run it (sudo timeshift-gtk). Then the scheduling never worked. I previously got it to work on an XFCE desktop. The inference seems to be that there are dependencies that are needed but not installed by Timeshift. I have deleted it because it was a nuisance and didn’t really offer much. I backup my documents (Timeshift only backs up the system by default) and when I screw up my system (I did once with a DD command), I simply reinstall Arch or EndeavourOS. That takes from 30 minutes to an hour.

Timeshift on Arch system needs a one-time manual intervention before the scheduling works. You can read it in this article:


Thanks. I remember now that I did that when I had Timeshift installed on my previous XFCE installation. I can’t see why the GUI Timeshift doesn’t work on Openbox yet will start up as a GUI program if started from the command line with sudo timeshift-gtk. I don’t trust programs with odd behaviour!

I think it’s a GTK issue, some apps don’t appear also on XFCE.

Isn’t it because root can’t connect to the user’s Xorg server? So GUI apps need to be explicitly launched from the command line with sudo. I have the same problem being unable to launch any GUI app requiring root to function via d-menu on i3wm.

Endeavour’s goal is more to be as clean as possible to give people an individual choice in what they want, or for that matter don’t want to install. Some people like Pamac for example, while others (like myself) don’t and think yay is instead plenty good enough. Endeavour enables you to get started with Arch fast, but it doesn’t make very many predetermined choices for you. This is what makes it unique, and different from the likes of Manjaro, ArcoLinux, or RebornOS even.

In fact, it’s designed to be even more minimalist than Antergos was, and in my view that’s only a good thing.


Thanks. That sounds right. I wonder if I’m missing something in my sudoers file.

I wanted to add something that hasn’t been said which may be unclear to new users (especially from the Windows world): Linux began as only CLI so all the tools were only CLI. And they’ve been around for many years and are pretty much bullet proof.
The later GUIs were/are written to function on top of CLI and I’ve seen that what happens is a GUI is never 100% functional because when further bugs arise, the dev (who is obviously not doing this as a paid enterprise) can often ignore (for the moment?) the bugs because the user(s) can revert to the CLI which is pretty much infallible.
This is the reason all users must know some CLI - the GUIs can’t be totally relied on so a fallback is required.
And this is fundamentally different to Windows - their GUI’s are built independantly of CLI and have to be reliable because there is nothing else.
Kudos to EndeavourOS for pushing this behaviour.

Sorry @Halcek this wasn’t directed at you, I clicked the wrong button :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: