KDE Plasma's panel in Sway

Hi everyone, I’m new to Linux but I’m quite comfortable with desktop environments. I tried out KDE Plasma because it looked good and I heard it works well with Wayland. I found that there were fewer bugs in my Wayland session with Plasma, so I kept using it.

Then, I got interested in window managers and decided to try Sway (it also uses Wayland). I followed the instructions provided in this link. But after installing and switching to Sway, I ran into a problem. The problem persisted even after I rebooted. Here’s a picture of the problem

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to resolve this issue?

Looks like you installed Sway along side of KDE. Sway & KDE might have conflicting dotfiles, then again what do I know.

I have to ask the most obvious question. Have you tried right-clicking the panel bar and entering ‘edit mode’ so you can move the panel bar to where you want it to be?

Add to the desktop file for plasma:

NotShowIn: Sway;

I think that is correct. Will get the name of the correct file when I get home.

See correction below…

Won’t work, sway is not kwin based it uses wlroots.

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Yes I did install it alongside with KDE. However, I am not sure about the conflicting dotfiles too.

I did but it doesn’t seem to be the right solution? I am not sure if I’m understanding this right but shouldn’t Plasma not run when Sway is running?

If you have the time to spare, can you explain what is kwin and wlroots? It would be very much appreciated!

Ah, I see. I had to ask because I have no experience with his setup, so it seemed obvious as a first question. I’ve always been a KDE user, primarily on X11. Plan to use Wayland when KDE 6 drops.

It is org.kde.plasmashell.desktop in /etc/xdg/autostart add line:

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I will try this later this morning in my country. Thank you so much!

Probably is also you using dex for autostart? Thats running plasma panel. Comment in autostart and plasma panel sjould not load then

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