KDE/Plasma with strictly Wayland: How to avoid any X11-Packages?

Maybe I completely missunderstood the differences between X11 and Wayland, but just two questions out of curiosity:

  1. Assumed I want to setup a KDE/Plasma system with strictly Wayland and without any undesirable X11-parts, how to do so?

    Using EOS Online Installer, selecting…

    • xorg-server - (mandatory for Wayland as well as X11, right?)
    • xorg-init - (mandatory for Wayland as well as X11, right?)
    • xorg-xrandr - (mandatory for Wayland as well as X11, right?)
    • plasma-wayland-session
    • plasma-desktop

    … and it’s done? I want the potential Display Manager to only provide Wayland sessions, but not X11 sessions anymore. However, even with limitation to the upper packages installed, I still can select between X11 and Wayland (exactly what I want to avoid).

  2. Why does KDE/Plasma use SDDM Display Manager by default, even knowing that SDDM is based on X11 instead of Wayland? Wouldn’t GDM be a better alternative (because it is also using Wayland)?

First, wayland support in kde is still considered experimental at this point. The packaging for kde is certainly not wayland-centric.


This looks possible, but I have never tried it. You would probably have to build it up by hand to avoid bringing in too much from xorg.

Either way, if your primary concern is removing X11 from the session options, it might be easier to try to find a way to remove it from the xsession list instead of removing the actual packages

No, gdm has a bunch gnome dependencies and is primarily only targeted at gnome. Bring that in and you may have a gnome session in your list as well.

lightdm may be a better choice if that was something that was important to you. Either way, sddm is still the standard for kde but that doesn’t mean you need to use it.


just reminder wayland currently is not 100% full wayland !

first of all, wayland is currently as a layer above Xorg. And non-wayland applications and there is a lot is using Xwayland to work with it… also probably your system get broke if you remove xorg-server.

I£f you use kde in wayland session, plasma-session-wayland is basicly just a one line that enables plasma to use wayland. but wayland is stil not fully functional yet…

current form of wayland is just to make more transaction to wayland, but there is stil not much application that does native.


Thank you very much for your kind answers! :smiley:

:joy: Okay, good point! I will try lightdm (what I have already used for many years during the past).

Another important thing to know - thanks!