KDE Plasma: Wallpaper reset at night

It has happened to me repeatedly that while the computer is running overnight, the wallpaper has reset to the Endeavour wallpaper and the few icons I had there have disappeared. The desktop, however, was still in the folder view, as I had set it. Since I want to rule out paranormal activity, what could be causing this? Crashed and restarted KDE?

Even with a crash, there is no reason for it to revert to the EOS default wallpaper AFAIK. Have you checked for a cronjob doing something? In KDE System Settings > Startup and Shutdown > Task scheduler, or on Konsole: crontab -e
The other things you could do would be to check what files had changed overnight using Kfind, or check the ‘journalctl -xe | grep kde’ logs

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Ok, I will have a look at that tomorrow.

Is probably again such a “KDE thing”

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This happened to me too, but only on one of my two monitors.

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Always these little things that make life with plasma so exciting (NOT) …

It is a glitch that (unfortunately) has happened to me a couple of times when I’ve updated the qt5/qt6 package in the past. I’ve never lost my wallpaper, I’ve just had to reset it. Definitely a little annoying, but of all the issues we could have, this seems pretty minor IMO compared to most other DE’s.

XFCE ate Thunar recently. GNOME goes burning man style that requires you set fire to your PC and have it blow away in the desert wind every few months and to be completely rebuilt in it’s ashes. A wallpaper restore seems pretty mundane.


I am not concerned with such a banality either! I’m more about the fact that KDE is like a surprise egg :wink: But I also have no desire to go back to Xfce and GNOME is … well GNOME …

I run Xfce and first boot after yesterdays update reset wallpaper to vanilla Xfce. Rebooted again and it suddenly remembered my desktop settings again.

i was just about to say something like
"hey you know what, i use Gnome, and everything is fine for me. So come, my friend… come to the dark side :smiling_imp: "

But i stumbled across this post:

looks kind of related, and @Beardedgeek72 posted it as well.
I haven’t updated since Saturday :sunglasses:

I experience this issue too.

I use a laptop with a docking station and from time to time the wallpaper on the laptop screen resets.

+1 but KDE only resets to the default wallpaper on my 2nd screen. The laptop screen stay with the individual set picture… I also tried to find a reason, no luck, nothing in log files. Just big “?”

I couldn’t find anything in the log files that would have helped me either.