KDE plasma takes around 10 secounds to start shutdown/reboot/logout

Had this problem since I installed EndeavourOS KDE Plasma. Apparently when I shutdown or reboot system from terminal it’s instantaneous, but when i do it trough application louncher icons, it takes approximately 10 seconds. It’s not superbad, but it’s kinda annoying. Saw on reddit that more people has the same experience with other plasma distros.
Any solution for that?

Also, tried:
kwriteconfig5 --file startkderc --group General --key systemdBoot true
did not work for me, also changeing /etc/systemd/logind.conf file with KillUserProcesses=yes did nothing.

What command do you use to reboot from the terminal?

If you use the following:

qdbus org.kde.ksmserver /KSMServer logout 0 1 1

Which is the proper way to log out of Plasma session, it shouldn’t make any difference in speed.

If you just use reboot, that’s obviously going to be faster, because it does save the current session, it does not log you out, it also does not run any logout scripts which you may or may not have set up to run on logging out of the Plasma session.

If you don’t want Plasma to remember the current session (open all programs you had opened when you logged out), you can turn that off in the System Settings. This might shorten the logout time for a second or two.

See this:

And this:

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Thanks for the advice!
I already set the settings to not save my sessions, didn’t notice any difference.
I asked this cause I had Kubintu and Manjaro KDE before, think 5.21 was the plasma version, and I think the gui logout/shutdown/reboot took less time.
Since i don’t need to save sessions, I’ll look for the way to “remap” the gui buttons if it’s possible (since i like customizing it to the thiniest detail) :smiley:
Thank you again, and have a nice day :grinning:

Found this, it was linked on the eos reddit section.

Average User’s To Do List after doing a fresh install of Endeavour OS with KDE Plasma : EndeavourOS (reddit.com)

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Literally nothing from that list has anything to do with the issue in the OP.

I would certainly not recommend following it blindly.


Thanks for the replay! :smiley: Might find something useful

Think the last line of it does.
Ofc that enyone shouldn’t follow blindly anything on linux, arch based especially.
Thank you again @Kresimir you gave me the key information :slight_smile:

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I decided to stick to the original settings for now, since i looked trough all kinds of files and i couldn’t find application launcher’s reboot/shutdown lines. :smiley:
Will mark this topic solved, but if someone wants to add something, please, do so!
Thanks again to everyone contributing!

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