KDE Plasma: Steam wont let me add or use my other drives and other issues

i installed steam flatpak from the discover store

From the Arch Wiki
Note: In order to add additional drives to a Steam installation made through flathub, the user must first give the Steam Client authorization to access the mount-point of the additional drive manually through a tool such as flatsealAUR.
I’ve never used Flatseal so I’m not sure how to use it but hopefully you can figure it out and get it working this way.

Yeah hopefully i can, never used it either, man i wish valve would just release steam os, i was waiting for it until after i installed a new ssd and my windows license no longer functioned

Ah very nice it has a gui now i just gotta figure out where to give permissions

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Well that seems to have done it it dosnt see the already made steam library on 1 of the drives but i can install to the other drive I’m gonna try some of the other permissions after kwin explicit sync is done installing since steam wont launch atm but to the people that see this you scroll down to permissions and at the bottom there is a permission that gives access to the home folder (that’s where i mounted my drives)

thank you so much smokey! you were a big help!

if i can get it to see the games on the other drive without deleting them and making a new library i’ll write how later ^-^

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You’re welcome mate

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