KDE Plasma: Steam wont let me add or use my other drives and other issues

I used KDE Partitioner I have my ext4 drives mounted to folders i made in Home, and i have a steam library on 1 of them the other one is empty because i just redid the partition in the hopes that it was because there was a conflict or something because it was made on Bazzite mounted fine there but after going in and trying to add the drive in steam it just wont show up.

I’m about at my limit atm I just installed Endeavour OS after being on Bazzite but i had a lot of graphical issues on NVIDIA 550 and i couldn’t get 555 to install on Bazzite, but now that’s fixed but in return i can’t watch video’s in browsers now for some reason.

I was on windows but after all their horrible decisions and then the final nail in the coffin my windows license stopped working after i got a new boot drive i decided to switch instead of spending more money on yet another license.

I’m just having nothing but pc issues lately, seems nothing goes right for me.

made a post about my browser issue on Reddit:

Help would be greatly appreciated.
I don’t know what to do anymore.

Not at home at the moment but I think I had to install xdg-portal or something similar to get my drives to show up in steam to be able to make backups. I’ll double check when I get home if no one else has been able to help you by then

Ok with Steam depending how you have installed it will depend on what you need to do to view the folders. If you have installed the flatpak you will need flatseal (available from the AUR). If you have installed it through the repos you will need xdg-desktop-portal
This information is from here if you wish to read up https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/steam

I would suggest making a new post here for this and someone should be able to help you out

Thank you!

It couldnt find it?
$ sudo pacman -S xdg-portal
[sudo] password for user:
error: target not found: xdg-portal

xdg-portal-desktop is what it should be

alright I’ll try that and also make a new post here.

not sure how to download from the aur on endeavour, only done it through manjaro’s gui in the past

To download from the AUR use yay -S PACKAGENAME
When using yay also don’t use sudo in front of it

$ sudo pacman -S xdg-portal-desktop
error: target not found: xdg-portal-desktop

same error

alright i’ll try that now

Sorry my fault here, are you using Plasma?
I typed it backwards


Yes :stuck_out_tongue: I should probably have made that more clear ^^

All good, I should have asked to make it easier for you

Well got it installed this time

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Cool, give it a go and see if it works now for you (you may have to reboot but I don’t think you do for this)

dang still dosnt work after installing xdg-desktop-portal-kde

The drive is mounted?

gonna try and run yay flatseal again and restart

yep both drives are mounted

Hmm, not too sure than.
Just confirming you which Steam package did you install?