KDE plasma install

Have you considered trying to install Plasma using Virtualbox and see how it goes? Try it out for a few days and then decide if it’s worth the effort to install full time or wait for the online installer.

I have do this. So far all is fine

How about simply following this one?

What you suggest?

sudo pacman -S plasma [full install]


sudo pacman -S plasma-meta [less clutter]

You would have a much cleaner system if you wait for the online installer, that’s what I’m going to do.

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@AndreasDimo since you are asking several questions it looks like you maybe asking for a recipe and not simply just suggestions. That’s ok. Here’s my recipe. Note that I went one step further and removed lightdm and replaced it with sddm.


Install EOS Xfce via the install medium that you created.
Install plasma and sddm
	sudo pacman -Syu plasma sddm sddm-kcm
Enable sddm to start at each boot
	sudo systemctl enable sddm.service --force
Remove xfce4 and lightdm display manager
	sudo pacman -Rsc xfce4 xfce4-goodies lightdm
Use yay to install octopi and trizen
Set up octopi to also use AUR via trizen (Tools > Options > AUR)
Then using octopi hunt through:
for additional items that you may want.

It looks complicated, but its really easy. And leaves a fairly clean kde/plasma system. BTW if you are wondering about partitions, I have /, /home, and swap partitions for ease of changing and reinstalling distributions at the drop of a hat.

May I add that all of this information is available in forum posts and the wiki.


Thanks a lot. And sorry if i was a little annoying

No thoughts that you were annoying. Just struggling a little. The only way you learn is by asking and trying.


Really down to you, I went with the minimal install and added things as I noticed they were missing.

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Why? Part of the KDE installation proposal is removing XFCE before it even starts creating config files in /home. So I wouldn’t expect much left behind, if anything.

In the case of system installation, can also use the advice provided by @Pudge:

Someone have a hint on how to backup plasma configuration and replacing them to a new install? Would be nice to get some hints here :hugs:

Great idea. A digital backup option would be great. I have been recording plasma settings with pencil and paper and then manually entering that info into Zim for quick access.

I found this web article explaining the difficulty and steps to back up Plasma 5. I’m thinking an rsync script may be able to accomplish what I need for backup. Now to find time write the script.


I have done it. Now i have a full working plasma desktop. Thank you all for your help!!!


MAYBE… (didn’t try it) it is a good way to create a look and feel-package that can be activated in the settings?

Congratulations. Now enjoy.

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Send us a screen print of your set up here: Share Your Desktop

When i themed like the way i want i am going to post it. Dont expect something fancyi. I like my setup minimal.

I have it installed in vbox and it’s the best install of KDE i have ever had as far as responsiveness. Usually the login with sddm is horrible for me but this one is very fast.

I can confirm that. In real hardware the plasma i feel it more responsive than other distros.