KDE Plasma DE problems (black panels, horizontal scrolling)

I have found several problems and questions I struggle to find aswers for and would appreciate any help:

  1. If I run desktop for long enough the panels turn pure black after unlocking computer until I restart DE. Can anything be done about it? I can set it to restart every N hours as it doesn’t seem as of now to break stuff but proper solution would be nice.
  2. Is it possible to set horizontal scrolling in a way that it would use vertical (mouse) scrolling wheel by default if there is no vertical scrollbar?
    Pressing ALT is doable but it slows me much.
  3. Is it possible to reduce icons-only task manager small previews further?
    It is related to the second problem, I have a dozen windows open and having to scroll them with keyboard button pressed is not comfortable at all. Currently using “large previews” option but sometimes it fails if I run anything fullscreen on the other monitor.
  4. I have two displays and 3 virtual desktops. Occasionally some my windows on one of virtual desktops shift from main displays to secondary displays. It happens almost all the time if I leave it for a while and DE locks itself, then when I come back some of the windows are shifted to secondary display.
    On the first login screen after boot the secondary display is threated as main display, I think.

What is your Gpu? as far as the desktop specific stuff i’ll leave that for someone who uses KDE.

AMD iGPU as main GPU and Nvidia GPU in on-demand mode.

1 Seems like disabling setting “Allow applications control compositor” helped with the problem.
2-3 Looks like it is not possible.
4 May be related to display connection but I have found no solution, will check further and probably create dedicated thread.

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