KDE Plasma 5.27 is coming

So i tried the updates from kde-unstable but it draws in packages i do not want in order to see some changes. I personally like my kde install the way it is with eos. I don’t think it will change my currently installed system much other than updating it to version 5.27. Mostly it would remain similar to what it is. So I’m staying with that because as much as i would like to see the tiling etc i don’t want to change all of what i have. I’ve gone back to my normal eos kde plasma install until the final release and we’ll see.


I wonder if the Plasma v6 would be more economical, and if not, how much more disk space and RAM would I have to sacrifice. Because then I would be convinced my computer is really too old.

Just updated Manjaro KDE and now I have 8.5GiB remaining out of 25GiB main partition. The KDE stuff must have taken away at least 1GB, because I could have affirmed I had at least ten before the update. Whatever is not KDE that I use would take only 3GB at worst, like I have almost nothing installed on this system. Why does it want 17GB?

“Root partition is not btrfs”, getting this also whenever GRUB is updated on KDE but not on MATE, out of Manjaro. It behaves like two distros with different bases. I was hoping it would fix the “little” problem with GRUB but nope. “Error: environment size too small” soon after booting. Whenever it broke instead it was with a totally black screen.

Oh well it’s only my problem for choosing that system. I’m just reporting for some of you who think they aren’t having fun and struggling with this D.E.

EDIT: for the record I have at least 13GiB remaining on the nearly-same-sized main partition each on EndeavourOS and Nutyx, each with KDE and slightly newer than Manjaro.

Are you using compression, what size is the pacman cache? There are other things like logs and such that take disk space too.

The KDE beta was only about 50mb difference I think when I updated I can’t imagine stable on manjaro being very different. Pacman tells you the update size FYI.

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Ah well I gained only about 1.2GB after clearing “pacman” cache out of the “mega-upgrade”. Because I did the “vacuum” thing a short time ago I don’t think it would win me a lot of disk space. But it’s OK, I might have to find a larger partition for Manjaro KDE in case I need to go crazy putting in apps.

I don’t have partitions under compression, don’t like the performance hit, would need an overall faster computer to benefit from it.

So, a quick update on my experince with the current 5.27 Beta

Right now theres some issues with gaming and Kwin (occuring on both X11 and Wayland). Something is causing a number of my games to stutter and drop frame rate substantially. This can be fixed by alt+tabbing for a short time before returning. 5.27 + Gamescope is a REALLY good experience though, which im assuming is due to the new fullscreen direct scanout that the new version brings to wayland. Issues i encountered with gamescope on GNOME for instance simply dont exist for Plasma 5.27 and the frame rate is absolutely rock solid.

Ive also been running into a fair number of freezes and stutters besides that, usually in regards to the settings menu and Firefox. Firefox has on a few occasions now caused the system to lock up just by launching :man_shrugging:

I think Plasma 5.27 with Kwin issues being ironed out will be a really good release to use till Plasma 6. The features it has a really great for a good LTS release.

on another note, unfortunately there are still issues in regards to SDDM (not KDE i know). Hopefully that project will see an new release to fix a few of these issues with wayland (and a few with rootless X11) such as

or the hang at shutdown/reboot in regards to wayland sessions

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kdeplasma-addons seems to pull in some little quality of life items like properly displaying caps lock, so I always make sure to include it in my KDE installs now.

This is fine :melting_face:


Run for the hills. :laughing:

I’m already hiding under a :rock:

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We shall see after a certain distro from Romania get their horses going. I like the theme they have even with not my favorite color (please don’t hurt me, because it’s in the flag).

I’m preferring the terminal anyway. But it might be hard with this other distro… or I should just forget about it.

I essentially run every game through gamescope and the experience has significantly improved. Most noticeably capturing gameplay with OBS always led to some stuttering eventually, but is super smooth now.