KDE not starting after upgrade

what is df -h , your root enough space ? atleast 10% of more free ?

Ok. Almost good news :slight_smile: I can login like before (getting rid of prime and optimus helped) but the only downside is now my nvidia card is not being used (only integrated intel).

Glad we hear some good news from ya’ :slight_smile:

If I were you I’d give a last go, installing nouveau drivers then, maybe your nvidia is too old to be supported by the propietary drivers, here’s an all in all guide for nvidia, including the installation of nouveau too.

Hope it helps.

you used optimus-manager?, how long ytou didnt update?

probably needed a rebuild since some weeks ago python is updated… then you get idd black too… or use nvidia-prime from repo

somewhere in forum is also Nvidia legacy users (470xx 390xx) GCC broke dkms build on AUR if you have a older one…

@PotatoBeet can you please clarify what is not working? 3d accel in general, games or encoding/decoding.

Regarding nouveau driver, the card has worse support with it then with closed source driver. It (still) can not reclock maxwell cards and performance will be worse.

Can we see the output of

DRI_PRIME=pci-0000_03_00_0 __VK_LAYER_NV_optimus=NVIDIA_only __GLX_VENDOR_LIBRARY_NAME=nvidia glxinfo -B

Again, this card is supported with nvidia driver 5xx and it does not need optimus-manager at all. The only thing I am not sure about is that if it is 3d accelerator only card or full vga device. lspci -nn can confirm that, but I think it’s just a 3D accelerator because of PCI bus id