KDE: no notification system sounds

I have recently noticed that I don’t get sounds when there’s a notification.
Stuff that’s okay:

  • In audio settings I have “Notification Sounds” volume as 100% (https://i.imgur.com/7kEoQWg.png)
  • System can play audio just fine. I even managed to install JamesDSP audio driver.

What’s not okay and I don’t know how to fix it (for example notification about low battery):

  • if I open any notification settings there’s usually default sound selected: “Oxygen-Sys-App-Positive.ogg” (https://i.imgur.com/hbtROxf.png). If I press the “play audio” button to test the sound - nothing happens. I checked the folder where sounds are supposed to be in “/usr/share/sounds/” and there’s no file called “Oxygen-Sys-App-Positive.ogg”. (https://i.imgur.com/GkinyFP.png)

Some info about system if that matters:
KDE: Plasma 5.24.2
Kernel: 5.15.25-1-lts
Installed recently via “EndeavourOS_Atlantis_neo-21_5.iso”

Any ideas?

I do have that file,

$ pacman -Qo /usr/share/sounds/Oxygen-Sys-App-Positive.ogg 
/usr/share/sounds/Oxygen-Sys-App-Positive.ogg is owned by oxygen 5.24.1-1

which is

extra/oxygen 5.24.1-1 (4.7 MiB 19.7 MiB) [plasma] (Installed)
    KDE Oxygen style

So check that extra/oxygen is installed

I just put all oxygen-sounds (ogg) loosely into the folder /usr/schare/sonds (the paths to the files are already defined in Plasma). I previously copied the sound files from an existing Manjaro installation

Thank you @daab. Fixed the issue. Interested in why was this package missing. Maybe someone should check calamares? Now all the sounds are back, plugging-in the power to laptop, notifications, etc…

Regarding installing these by default, I note

  • package is extra/....
  • package belongs to the oxygen theme
    so kind of feels wrong to install by default.
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Exactly for this reason I copied the soundfiles explicitly in, without installing the whole oxygen-package :wink:

Oh, okay sure makes sense. So by default KDE is “soundless”? Didn’t know that. Or maybe me messing with global themes changed something. I do remember having those exact sounds whilst having my previous Arch install via archfi. Guess it installed that package.

But then it would be interesting to know why in the notification settings the sound associations are defined by path to /user/share/sounds and still exist?

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