KDE making transient user services out of thin air

I had thought that this was a problem with openSUSE TW, but it’s happening now with EOS. I’m trying to create an autostart .desktop file that will launch conky. On all of my other systems, including older KDE versions (like from openSUSE LEAP), all I have to do is copy the .desktop file to ~/.config/autostart and reboot. KDE, however, decides it wants to make a transient service that refuses to be removed. When I found a mistake in the .desktop file, I fixed it, rebooted…and now I have (2) conkys running at the same time! I found a ton of conky-related files in /run/user/1000/systemd, but deleting them did not help.

My next step was to delete the .desktop file and reboot again…and now I have only (1) conky running, but it’s the wrong one!!! Needless to say this is annoying. Can someone please explain why this is happening and/or how to prevent it? This “feature” of KDE really sucks.

No feature on KDE sucks. :rofl:

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Trying not to laugh, but this has been driving me to (happily) drink for a few days now.