KDE logout screen only black background

Since I reinstalled EOS KDE last week, the background of the KDE logoff screen is no longer semi-transparent (originally let the wallpaper show through), but only black. Is there possibly a program snippet missing again, which had done this before or is there a strange setting in the login screen that still needs to be done? Again and again new curiosities …

Has the compositor crashed?

not that I know of, how do I find out?

At least the error has been occurring for some time and there have been several reboots in between. Shouldn’t the compositor be running again?

That looks OK.

That can’t be the problem either, I’ve been using this setting for several years.
I rather suspect that I have to install something additional.

Logout is a black screen until it actually logs out then you have the login screen. That’s how it works on KDE for me but i don’t have settings changed anywhere that would make it any different.

Well, all I know is that it works as usual with Manjaro, also KDE 5.22.5. That’s all I can say about it.

I just don’t know any different using it this way so it must be another setting some how.

Anything missing from the minimal KDE when reinstalling?

I little xp in KDE. my logout screen is " semi-transparent " . think it part of theme you use . :pray: maybe i confuse

I am using the KDE vanilla theme Breeze without any changes.

Actually i just tried it again and it is transparent when you click logout then it goes black before it gets to the login screen.I also installed Manjaro KDE to check on vm. There’s is just brighter so it looks much more transparent.

I didn’t install it, I just started it live and everything looked normal.

Just replying because I recently had the same problem. For me the problem was that I had the “Autocomposer” Kwin-script installed and forgot about it. It detects the logout screen as a fullscreen window and disables compositing while it’s open.

Maybe you have a similar script or something, if not the answer will hopefully at least help someone who’s searching for the issue.

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