KDE Keeps Proprietar Formats But Removes Libre/Free Formats

Hello fellow Libre Software Enthusiasts,

Fool me once, maybe a coincidence, but twice? I don’t think so.

HEIC/HEIF (HEVC) is proprietary format of MS and APPL. AVIF (from AV1) is libre software from Alliance of Open Media (AOM).

What happened:
For the second time this year, KDE devs (MS employees that sabbotage KDE ?) removed AVIF support in KDE. But NEVER REOMOVED OR TOUCHED PROPRIETARY HEIC/HEIF (HEVC).

Affected Software (Whole KDE Plasma):

  1. No background/wallpaper on login screen (SDDM)
  2. No wallpaper in KDE
  3. No thumbnails in Dolphin
  4. No background in Lock Screen
  5. Gwenview can’t display photos
  6. DigiKam broken
  7. Showphoto (HDR, Panorama, …) editing software broken

Something is going on. Once? Maybe a coincidence, a bug? But for the second time? No! Someone went into kimageformats and removed “avif.so” from this library. It had to be done on purpose. Especially when you consider that HEIC/HEIF has never been removed.

P.S. KDE can’t display wide gamut .jpg photos (sxiv can, imagemagick can, graphics magic can,…).

  1. I’m pretty sure you’re exactly the same guy as one who mentioned it previously about 4 times.

  2. .avif works perfectly fine on all KDE software so far.

  3. If again you won’t show specific changes, commits or discussions about it anywhere in KDE’s ecosystem / git / bug-tracker etc - name at least one reason for @moderators not to close that stuff again?


Works fine for me. I have a bunch of pictures in AVIF format and I can view them just fine in GwenView.

Also previews for AVIF pictures in Konsole and Dolphin work as expected. I don’t know what issue the OP has, but I can’t reproduce it.

@sonic could you please see if you have the following packages installed (with pacman -Q):


If any of them is missing, please install them.

Also, could you please share a link to an AVIF picture somewhere on the web that you definitely cannot open in GwenView? I would like to test it on my end.

I’m 99% sure this has something to do with your configuration, and not with Micro$oft employees sabotaging KDE.


It’s interesting that one would make such a claim when this is right there in the README of kimageformat’s github page:

That, and also the fact that libavif is listed as an optional dependency in the arch repo.


They’re sabotaging his configuration from about November 2022 non-stop. At least for that username…


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Well, Micro$oft has been sabotaging my life, prosperity, and happiness, before I was even born, but that is completely beside the point. Very few people on this forum hate Micro$oft as much as I do. If there was a prize awarded to whomever hates Micro$oft the most, I think I’d have a pretty good chance of winning it.

Anyway, I believe the problem OP has with pictures is easily solvable (unlike the global harm Micro$oft is doing). Frankly, I’m surprised it wasn’t solved back then.

It’s just a pity that i can’t find other exactly the same threads under other usernames that was going on for hundreds of posts right before they were removed and delisted…


Well, I’m open to troubleshoot this for an hour or two, if the OP wants to coopearate. Other than that, I can only say that everything is working fine for me. :man_shrugging:

I think the OP is talking about that that the av1 version of avif is removed but not the hevc version from microsoft?
I don’t use kde but apparently some programs don’t work as they are relining on those av1 codecs?
Just a thought

Could you please give an example of a picture (somewhere on the web, just link it) that should work in, for example, Gwenview, but actually doesn’t?

I’m afraid that’s not very much to go on, when it comes to troubleshooting.

There is a copy paste of that post on Garuda Linux’s forum as well. The poster never responded to the attempts made to diagnose the problem.

There is also a copy paste of the current post on Garuda Linux’s forum.

The same post also appeared on Manjaro’s forum.

And Artix Linux’s.


If he responds, we’ll try to sort it out, if he doesn’t, we won’t. Either way, I won’t lose sleep over it. :man_shrugging:


I think we’ll hear about those M$ employees next year around autumn :rofl:

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Hmm… someone going to the trouble of spreading FUD about KDE across multiple fora :thinking:

I think I've identified the perpetrator


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Like this one? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Arch fixed it with new compilaton (-1 vs -2). All OK, now.

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All this conspiracy theory noise for arch packages that have been updated the same day (libavif switch to version 1.0, kimageformats support for libavif 1.0). :roll_eyes:





M$ employees have infiltrated Arch Linux!