KDE/Gnome Services, Updater

Exploring Endeavour from the new live Aug. .iso (not installed), I see that KDE Services are automatically selected, and the other option, Gnome Services, is not. What are these options, and why is KDE Services set as default on? Also, the updater to keep the system updated is not running from the system tray by default, though it is present in the menu. Is that a change, or does it install when the OS is installed?
Thanks, in advance.

The Live Session do not need kalu updater so we do not add it there, other then ANtergos, we do not provide a live session to show a copy of the system, Live Session (ISO) is to install and rescue system.

As our used installer framework is based on qt we do have a need for some kde services.
on installed system none is selected by default, and kalu system updater is running and added to panel.

Good, complete, succinct answer. Thanks very much.